Join me in Greece for Yoga & Relaxation 

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Adventure Awaits! 

Your ticket to relaxation is right here. Join me in Greece this September for an unforgettable experience filled with yoga, relaxation, the sun and the sea! 

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  • When? September 8-15, 2024
  • Where? Amorgos, Greece. Here's a cool video about the island. And another great video.
  • What's the place? Aegialis Resort
  • How much?
    • Shared Room: $2,695 | Early Bird Pricing: $2,350 
    • Single Room: $3,795 |  Early Bird Pricing: $3,300
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Meet Your Yoga Instructor 

Hi, I'm Martin! 

Who I am shows up in every piece of my teaching.  

My classes are joyful, purposeful, and intentional.  I believe in the transformative powers of regular practice and see it as a one-way ticket to freedom and happiness. I love to laugh and play while still maintaining deep focus, or drishti. Yoga makes us happy so we should enjoy the practice! 

I believe that yoga is a lifelong journey that never ends. We can all do yoga in some way shape or form. The mat is the launching pad, yoga is the vehicle, and the destination is the Self. I ask my students to do their best and I remind them that their Yoga practice is a metaphor for life. When the going gets tough, just take a breath and keep your drishti. My philosophy is "It's YOUR practice.”



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Join me in Greece for the adventure of a lifetime 

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